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KIX Happenings

Brett Young Is Pulling For Duke During March Madness

The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is set to begin later this month and Brett Young will definitely be tuning in. Brett used to play basketball in school, and while he's a native Southern Californian, he will actually be cheering on a team from... Read More.

Dustin Lynch Releases Three-Song EP

Dustin Lynch has released some new music for fans. His new EP, called Ridin' Roads, features three new songs, including his brand new single, which is the EP's title track. Dustin said, "We have a lot more colors to paint with... Read More.

Delta Daily News Headlines

DSU Tuition Going Up by 6% This Fall

Saturday, April 20
CLEVELAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s public universities will raise tuition by an average of 4% next fall, saying state funding increases this year... Read more at

Telemarketers Charged with Call Violations

Saturday, April 20
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi Public Service Commission chairman Brandon Presley says the PSC has charged eight telemarketing companies with violations of Mississippi’s... Read more at

Specialty Flag Plates Lose Confederate "X"

Saturday, April 20
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi residents who want a state flag without the Confederate battle emblem will soon be able to display one on their... Read more at

Mississippi Attorney Cheats Death in Plane Crash

Saturday, April 20
OXFORD, MS (Ben Caxton) — A high-profile Mississippi attorney was a passenger on a twin-engine jet hours before it crashed killing three people. Richard... Read more at

Attention Drivers, Natchez Parkway Not an Interstate

Saturday, April 20
NATCHEZ, MS (Ben Caxton) — Natchez Trace Parkway rangers remind motorists that the scenic roadway is designed for leisurely drives, not interstate speeds. Rangers are being... Read more at

Two Dead As Tornadoes Roar Across Mississippi

Friday, April 19
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — At least two people are dead after another outbreak of tornadoes from southwest into central Mississippi on Thursday. 24-year-old... Read more at