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Foggy in the morning.
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6:39   4:56
61 39
Mostly cloudy in the morning.
9%   30%
6:40   4:56
57 45
Rain starting in the afternoon.
95%   86%
6:41   4:55

KIX Happenings

Bits And Pieces: Kane Brown & Thomas Rhett

Kane Brown performed "Homesick," a track on his brand new album, Experiment, at Heinz Field during last night's (Thursday, November 8th) game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Carolina Panthers. He was joined by 80 returning soldiers from the 171st on the field, while... Read More.
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Delta Daily News Headlines

Representative Pleads No Contest to DUI Charges

Wednesday, November 21
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — A state representative who pleaded no contest to drunk-driving charges on Monday won’t be convicted under a diversion... Read more at

Mississippi Job Rate Reaches Historic High

Wednesday, November 21
JACKSON, MS (Ben Caxton) — Mississippi’s job rate is near a historic high while the unemployment rate is close to a historic low. Figures... Read more at
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Second Clarksdale Shooting in Two Days

Wednesday, November 21
CLARKSDALE, MS (Ben Caxton) — The Mississippi Bureau of Investigations is assisting Clarksdale police to investigate another shooting. The victim was shot several times on the... Read more at

Three Injured in Courtland Gas Station Shooting

Wednesday, November 21
COURTLAND, MS (Ben Caxton) — Three people were injured in a shooting at a Courtland gas station about 6:30 Monday night. Two suspects are in... Read more at
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Heavy Holiday Traffic Despite Higher Gas Prices

Wednesday, November 21
THE DELTA (Ben Caxton) — Local law enforcement is urging drivers to use care when traveling the highways during the busy holiday season which begins today... Read more at

18-year-old Charged with Murdering 9-month-old

Tuesday, November 20
CARROLLTON, MS (Ben Caxton) — An 18-year-old man has been charged with murder in the death of a 9-month-old Coila boy. The... Read more at
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