Auditions for American Idol will simultaneously kick off this summer in Orlando, Florida, and Portland, Oregon, on August 17th. The nationwide search for American’s next superstar will hit 19 cities across the country and the audition process has never been easier. Now, participants can submit their audition videos online or show off on social media with the hashtag #TheNextIdol.

New judge Katy Perry took to the show’s social pages yesterday morning announcing the search for new talent begins now. “I am so excited to be a part of the search for the next ‘American Idol,'” Perry announced in a video. “Auditions are open, so what are you waiting for?”

The search is split into east and west coast cities as follow:

West Bus Tour

Portland, OR

Aug. 17

Oakland, CA

Aug. 20

Provo, UT

Aug. 23

Denver, CO

Aug. 26

Omaha, NE

Aug. 29

Tulsa, OK

Sept. 01

Shreveport, LA

Sept. 04

Muscle Shoals, AL

Sept. 07

East Bus Tour

Orlando, FL

Aug. 17

Miami, FL

Aug. 19

Atlanta, GA

Aug. 22

Charleston, SC

Aug. 25

Asheville, NC

Aug. 27

Louisville, KY

Aug. 30

Pittsburgh, PA

Sept. 03

Annapolis, MD

Sept. 05

Boston, MA

Sept. 08

Open Audition Cities

Chicago, IL

Sept. 11

New Orleans, LA

Sept. 14

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