Ashley McBryde's debut album, Girl Going Nowhere, drops today (Friday, March 30th). The 11-track project includes her current single, “A Little Dive Bar In Dahlonega,” which Ashley co-wrote, along with the other 10.

With this project, Ashley gave herself permission to make the record she had always wanted to create without worry of Music Row naysayers complaining she was too traditional, too rock or too tattooed. She said, “After 11 years in Nashville, you start to question if what you're doing will actually connect. I think timing and experiences have a lot to do with it. The time I spent being something I wasn't just to try and please others, only to be told no; the time we've spent as a band playing for the attention of the bikers in the bar — doing anything we could to get them to listen; and now the timing of this message of 'making the best of the worst day kinda night,' it seems to be something people need to hear right now, and if I can even help one person turn their day around, then all these couch-surfing playing-for-tips-nights were worth it.”

Ashley tells us that the album's title is a nod to where she sees herself as an artist at this point in time. “We decided to name the album Girl Going Nowhere because, not to take a stance for the underdog but as to take a stance as the underdog really. This first album, I think we did a good job choosing tunes that are an exact snapshot of where we are as a band and where we are in our lives, and I’m really excited about the work we put into this. I can’t wait to share it.” before rejoining Luke Combs on tour.

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