Brantley Gilbert just kicked off the summer leg of The Devil Don’t Sleep tour, and while he tries to left weights from time to time on the road, Brantley doesn’t have a strict pre-tour or on-tour workout regimen like guys like Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney.

Brantley got a taste of working out with Tim when they toured together a while ago, and while he feels a need to step things up in the gym, he tells us can't hang with the superstar. “I’ll be honest, not the way I should. I’m probably about to the age and the point in my life where I need to start dressing that up a little bit. But I’m not really that much of a cardio guy. Like when we were on tour with Tim, I’d go out there work out with him about 30 minutes and he’d be out there for eight hours! If you cut that man, Tim McGraw, if you cut him he’ll bleed chrome like dude on Terminator. I ain’t never seen nothing like that in my life. I’d watch them out the window and start sweating. I used to have nightmares about him knocking on my bus door and telling me it’s time to work out. I’m terrified of that sumbitch, him and Kenny (Chesney) both.” . His The Devil Don't Sleep tour resumes on July 7th in Charlotte, NC with special guest Tyler Farr and Luke Combs.

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