Brantley Gilbert writes his own songs, and that includes his latest single, “The Ones That Like Me.” When he starts on a song, he doesn't set out to write a hit, he says that's just not how it works for him. Brantley tells us more: “I’m not good enough at my job to sit down and say, ‘I’m gonna write a #1 song today.’ You write the best song for the moment and make sure it’s the best and double-check your words about a million times and see if you would have written it different a month later, you know, if you hadn’t gone into the studio yet. You know, I constantly go back in and almost re-write a lot of these songs. And I feel like at the end of the day, the ones that invoke the strongest emotion and really communicate the message the best – and to be honest, a lot of times a little bit of cheesy gets you in the door, but that’s not really my route. Everything I do I try to make as authentic as possible and you know, something you can touch and feel, and if my lyrics don’t do that for you, if they don’t paint that picture, if they don’t give you that object they can touch, then more than likely that’s not a song that needs to go on a record.”

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