Brett Young is working on his sophomore album, which he hopes to release later this year. The past year of touring and interacting with his fans is definitely shaping his next album, as Brett tells us: “I think fan interaction is really important. I think from how you put together your set list for your show to how you decide what songs you’re gonna put on your record. I think that is one of the biggest advantages you have is if you’re on the road a lot you do have the opportunity to try out new music before you go into the studio and make your record. But also with the old music, you kind of get a feel for which of your songs are working and connecting and you start to get a feel for why. And so I think paying attention to your fans and what it is that they’re gravitating towards is really important and it’s definitely affected the song selection in the making of the second record.” in Grand Forks, ND with Russell Dickerson.

Brett continues climbing the charts with “Mercy,” the fourth single from his self-titled debut album.

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