Brothers Osborne are poised to enter the Top 15 on the country charts with their latest hit, “It Ain’t My Fault.” Brothers John and TJ Osborne co-wrote the song which is featured on their debut album, Pawn Shop.

TJ tells us how the song came to be: “We wrote it with Lee Miller, who’s a great writer. We just had this riff and John had this drum groove and it sort of happened pretty organically, pretty naturally and pretty quick, and we knew we were onto something really fun. (It’s) kinda of a fresh idea of just blaming things on one another, which is something we’re all very familiar with and why we then kind of elaborated on that with a video having politicians in it, because I think that’s the M-O of any politician that’s ever lived (John laughs).”

Brothers Osborne celebrated July 4th with a performance at Independence Fest 2017 in Flower Mound, Texas.

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