Brothers Osborne will be in Las Vegas this weekend where they hope to take home their second consecutive trophy for Vocal Duo of the Year at the ACM Awards. TJ and John Osborne won that same award at the CMA Awards for the past two years, but despite their success in this category, TJ tells us exclusively that they are not overly confident about tying it up this year. “It's amazing that we've had the success we've had the past couple years and still feel like underdogs going into it. We still feel like it really could easily . . . it wouldn't shock me if the award went to someone else, and so I think that underdog feeling and mentality just always keeps that kind of grit that you have, that relentless persistence to make it work, and so it fuels the fire in either direction whether we win the award or not.” on CBS at 8 p.m. ET.

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