Carrie Underwood's new studio album, Cry Pretty, is in stores and at digital retailers now (Friday, September 14th). Carrie co-wrote most of the songs on the project, in addition to co-producing for the first time in her career.

The superstar digs deeper and gets more personal on this album than any before, and she tells us it's due to a lot of personal and professional growth between her 2015 Storyteller album and this new collection of songs. “I feel like between Storyteller and Cry Pretty, there was definitely a lot of growth for me as a person – emotional growth and spiritual growth and my family. I like to take time between projects. It’s like when do you have time to live the life you’re writing about? It’s so important to me. I like to go on tour and when I’m out, I’m out. I’m on the road. We are working hard. We’re killing it. We’re doing what we do. When I write, I want to write. I want to immerse myself in that. Whatever I’m doing, I want to completely immerse myself in and that includes living a life, and I just feel like that’s so important. And for me as a mom and as a wife and as a friend and daughter and all of those things, it’s just important to take a minute to live a life worth writing about.” , she'll be featured on CBS Sunday Morning.

On October 26th, Carrie teams up with the Grand Ole Opry in the fight against breast cancer with a special 10th Annual Opry Goes Pink. Carrie will flip the switch on the Opry’s signature barn backdrop, turning it pink for the night as she takes the stage to perform on two shows that night.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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