Chris Janson embraces his roots in his new music video for “Redneck Life,” off his latest EP “Fix a Drink,” which arrived earlier this month. In the clip, Chris stands in full camo by the bank of a slow-moving creek, while he names off all the “redneck” experiences that “chose him,” such as cutoff jeans, cheap cigarettes, and hunting.

Chris said, "I believe in staying true to your roots, and I believe that if you’re going to make music for a fan base. I know as a listener, I want to be able to believe who I am listening to, and I am that kind of guy. No matter what the subject matter in my songs, in some form or facet I have lived, am living, or plan to be living that song.”

Chris is currently on Sam Hunt's 15 in a 30 tour which runs through September 16th and includes fellow supporting artist Maren Morris.

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