Chris Janson has set a goal for himself as the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry. He told reporters backstage during his formal induction on Tuesday (March 20th) that he hopes to do something few Opry members have done. “I really want to host. One thing I don't see, I've never seen too ofter in the past years and it's not to anybody's discredit or anything. I think it's just because of timing and people being on the road and the crazy schedules of everybody and trying to rope it all in. By the way, thankfully, I think I'm the youngest living member of the Opry now at this point as of today, and I really want to host and I really want to be that guy. I want to be that young Opry member who's hosting and introducing people and inviting people and telling the stories because I say this unpretentiously, but I can tell 'em like nobody else does. I can promise you cause I study this stuff. I watched every single invitation and induction video on youtube preparing for this. I watched them all last night. (laughter from reporters) I'm serious. Until 4:00 in the morning I watched everybody's induction and invitation video including like back to Travis Tritt and Vince Gill and everybody.”

Chris was officially welcomed into the Opry family by fellow Opry member Garth Brooks. As he handed Chris his Opry member award, Garth said, “It is my honor to welcome you to the family. This will be– no matter how many times you look back on it– the greatest night of your music career.”

An emotional Chris accepted the award saying, “How do you not cry on a night like this? To know me is to know I really, truly love the Grand Ole Opry. This will be a moment I will never forget. Thanks for making my dreams come true, and thanks for buying a ticket to the Opry to see it happen! I hope you come back a million times! I’ll buy the ticket for ya. I don’t even care. I love you that much!”

Chris' surprise membership invitation from Opry member Keith Urban occurred during his sold-out concert at the Ryman Auditorium in February.

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