Chris Janson's latest single, “Drunk Girl,” falls perfectly in line with the current headline-making stories of the victimization of women and the #metoo movement, but as a co-writer of the song, Chris tells us there's no connection. And he wanted to release the song as the second single off sophomore album late last year because it reminded him of a popular Starbucks drink. “The real reason I picked 'Drunk Girl' next is because it was fall and I love pumpkin spice latte — that's a true story — and I thought, 'You know, we got this song, “Drunk Girl.” If I shut my eyes, what does it feel like?' Well, to me it feels like a candle lit dinner at Sperry's and pumpkin spice latte after at Starbucks. Seriously, and I love the fall. Like, the fall is my favorite time of year and the late fall, early winter's when the song was released. That was really the reason, and then all the stuff came out in the press of course with the movements and everything, and it did seem like it sort of flowed and fit together well, which, hey, that's neither here nor there. The bottom line is we wrote this song last year, and we wrote it before any of that ever came out.” when he takes the stage at the Grizzly Rose.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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