Chris Young's influences run a broad range of country artists in addition to artists in genres outside of country music, but he tells us that regardless of what he sings, there's no mistaking his country roots. [“I think a lot of the influences for me, especially when I start talking about what my voice actually sounds like. You know, I grew up listening to everything from Marty Robbins to Keith Whitley, I listen to Brad Paisley a lot. I’ve been lucky enough to be friends with him and tour with him but I listen to a lot of his records. I listen to a lot of Tracy Lawrence stuff and I feel like In some of the ways I handle vocally what I do, a lot of its that I had a lot of other influences that were Jazz that were true R&B from that era so a lot of that blends into some of my delivery and then a lot of where we’ll take a song especially in a writers room but at the end of the day I put my voice on anything, its country. I don’t think anyone’s getting confused about what my voice sounds like.”] SOUNDCUE (:52 OC: . . . voice sounds like.)

Chris performs in Las Vegas tomorrow night (Friday, June 30th).

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