Cole Swindell is thrilled to have Lauren Alaina out on his headlining Reason To Drink tour, where they duet each night on Cole's hit, “Middle Of A Memory.” During a recent tour stop in Rhode Island, Cole asked her to join him an another collaboration, a cover of Prince's “Purple Rain,” which had fans tweeting about Lauren's pipes.

Cole tells us that when it comes to Lauren's chops, he doesn't even try to compete. “I don't even try to compare to her vocally, man, cause it's . . . It's just an honor to have her out there. I mean, that's why I bring her out, so she can show off her voice cause that is so powerful and to have our own 'Middle Of A Memory,' it just takes the song to a new level. The song's already a big song live but having her on it and some of those vocal runs she does at the end . . . I wish I could have recorded it with her. It's just a big moment in the show, and like I said, I love to get her back out there and make sure she's playing in front of as many people as she can, cause that's what I've been able to do the past four years and she's one of my favorite singers and people. I'm very lucky to have her out.”

Alaina is up for two awards at next month's ACM Awards — New Female Vocalist and Vocal Event of the Year for “What Ifs,” her chart-topping duet with Kane Brown. The ACM's will air live from Las Vegas on April 15th on CBS.

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