Cole Swindell has revealed the cover of his upcoming album, All of It, along with the track listing. The project features 12 songs, including his Top 25 hit “Break Up In The End.” Cole wrote about half of the songs on All of It, and he tells us this time around, the meaning and message of the songs were more important than whether it will be a chart-topping hit. “You know, it isn't all about what's Number One, what's Number One anymore. To me it's let's release what we want to say, and I just felt like this is how I wanted to set the tone and let people know that I'm for real on this album and I want people to get to hear it.” Produced by Michael Carter

All of It will be released on August 17th. That same morning, Cole will step on to the Plaza at Rockefeller Center in New York City to officially launch the album with a performance as part of NBC’s Citi Concert Series on NBC's Today show.

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