Cole Swindell has been spending a lot of time at Dierks Bentley's Whiskey Row restaurant and bar in downtown Nashville over the past few months. He's admitted he's a big fan of the establishment, but that was before Blake Shelton's brand new Ole Red entertainment venue and bar opened up last week about a block away. Cole performed at Ole Red on Saturday (June 9th) during CMA Fest, so will his loyalty to Dierks be tested? Cole tells us: “Yeah, Dierks already heard I was playing Blake's bar and he already gave me a hard time about that so . . . Yeah, when Dierks opened his I frequented there. I like that bar. It's a cool bar. I love Dierks, and Blake's, there was an after party. They kind of walked me in and I played some songs and got out of there, so it's not really fair. I've gotta go back and actually hang without having to do a show and just check out . . . I didn't even get to check out anything but the first floor. Dierks, I've checked out the whole thing there so it's really not a fair comparison at this point, but Blake, don't worry. I'll be in there spending some money.” night to help close out CMA Fest.

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