When Dierks Bentley arrives on stage to thousands of screaming fans, believe it or not, he says he doesn't feel like a rockstar. In fact, Dierks tells us his on-stage swagger is more of a “fake it til you make it” mentality. He explains: “I was reading something where people are always talking about 'you've gotta find who you are, find your innerself,' and this article's like that's not necessarily the case. Maybe you should just act as if, and I feel like I do that and it's okay to do that. Act as if, when I walk on stage, act as if you're the biggest rockstar in the world, you know, cause that's not a natural feeling for me to walk out there and have people screaming. That's not what I live for. It's very off-setting, really. The first thing I do every night is a VIP acoustic thing at 6:30 in the afternoon. It's like people are screaming at you. It's like, 'Okay, this is not who I am.'”

Dierks will kick off his Mountain High tour with Brothers Osborne and LANCO on May 18th in Columbia, MD.

His new album, The Mountain, arrives in stores on June 8th.

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