Dierks Bentley’s The Mountain is among the nominees for Album of the Year at next week's CMA Awards. The project was inspired by a trip Dierks made to Telluride, CO to perform at a bluegrass festival. He tells us about writing and recording The Mountain there: “I just had this crazy idea to bring some songwriters out there and let them go for hikes and walk around town and just hang and see if they can sense that same intangible vibe that I was sensing, and they did. We jumped right into it and it was really, really special. And everyone immediately starts talking about how can we start getting back out here again, because it’s one of those places you just like never want to leave. Ross said, ‘We should come back out here to make the record,’ and we all kinda laughed about it, but it planted the seed. So, I came back a few months later with a different set of guys and girls, musicians, and we recorded the album out there,' so it’s just that little seed that if you believe in it, you’ve got to go for it, try it, so that’s what we did with this album, and it was magic.” at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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