Dierks Bentley is having just as much fun behind the scenes on his Mountain High tour as he is on stage. The trek, which features special guests Brothers Osborne and LANCO, offers plenty of downtime for such activities as working out, which is something Dierks makes time for each day. He gets a particular kick out of getting the guys from LANCO to join in the sweat-inducing fun, which sometimes results members Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly throwing up from the intensity.

Dierks tells us: “Tripp and Eric, there's like, you know like a NASCAR driver if they like drink out of the Gatorade bottle they get like an extra 500 bucks or whatever? I have a little side thing with my trainer. Every time he gets a LANCO guy to puke he gets a little bonus so there'll be much more puking from working out I'm sure from other stuff on this tour, but that's the kind I like — seeing them in physical pain in the middle of the day.”

The Mountain High tour resumes on July 21st in Noblesville, IN. In the meantime, Dierks has a few fair and festival dates on the books.

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