Dierks Bentley's new studio album, The Mountain, arrives at retail today (Friday, June 8th). The 13-song project features his current hit single, “Woman, Amen,” along with “Burning Man,” a duet with Brothers Osborne the two acts debuted on national TV during Wednesday's (June 6th) CMT Music Awards.

Dierks wrote and recorded the entire The Mountain album in Telluride, CO, an experience the singer tells us he had to be talked into but will probably forever change his approach to albums. “My wife was the one that recommended doing the writing retreat in Telluride and I was kind of against it cause it's just more time away from home, which is not what I want. I usually like working here cause I can go hang out with my kiddos when the work's done or cut out at 2:30 and go pick them up from school. I was like, 'I know it'd be really cool but I feel this responsibility to be here,' and then she went out there and it was just amazing. It was like so free and 2:30 rolled around, I wasn't thinking about that. I was thinking about like just writing another song and we did that for five days. It was incredible. It was a really good experience. I'll probably do it again cause it's just the more busy my life get here the harder it is . . . and you see it with all artists. They start having success and something has to give when constantly your energy's going to other places other than just making your best music and so being really helped me focus just on the music.” at CMA Music Festival.

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