Dustin Lynch is winding down his summer schedule of festivals and fairs, two of his favorite events to play. Dustin tells us exclusively that one of the perks of getting to perform at fairs is having free run of the midway after it closes down to the public. “A lot of times at these fairs after the show one of the employees will be like, 'Y'all wanna come ride,' and the park will be closed but we'll get to go on whatever ride as much as we want with no line. It's wonderful. I don't get to ride many rollercoasters. I realize I'm a screamer, too, so if I have shows coming up I can't go on them cause I'll lose my voice, straight up will. I haven't been on like a giant Six Flags or something like that rollercoaster in years so I'm overdue for that.” at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, KY.

He joins Cole Swindell on the Reason To Drink . . . Another tour beginning next month.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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