Dustin Lynch is allowing fans to go really in-depth with the singer on a regular basis. He started video blogging, or “vlogging,” about all kinds of things, providing regular glimpses into his daily life over the last few months, and as Dustin tells us exclusively, it was a change he felt he needed to make both professionally and personally. “For me, it was a chapter that needed to happen. It was something I have never done. I've really been private with everything not on stage, and it's been, in a way, selfishly rewarding because I can talk about anything I want to talk about and not always have to be the smiley dude on stage. I can be real and talk about situations I'm insecure about, my music I'm insecure about, what I'm wearing to an award show that I like but some other people don't, and so all these situations I get to talk about and vent. I don't have someone at home I get to go home to and vent to, so having this vlog now allows me just to be real and give everybody a look into what's real in life and all the behind scenes, not on stage stuff.”

Dustin is climbing the charts with “Good Girl,” a song he co-wrote for an upcoming project.

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