The Eli Young Band's lead singer Mike Eli is getting candid about his recent professional struggle. He recently told Taste of Country that for a while he lost his passion for songwriting. Mike said, “I was trying to write these songs that were smart and witty and really cool ideas . . . I was walking into the writing room with these ideas and that being the priority and somewhere in the mix there, I forgot to be passionate about what I was writing. Every time we’d walk out of the room and be writing something, I would just feel like I wasn’t passionate about it . . . It’s a well written song but I’m not in love with it and I was trying to figure out why.”

Mike admitted that he struggled with this for over a year until he figured out that he needed to be writing from a more personal perspective. This led to the creation of the Eli Young Band's latest single, “Skin & Bones.” The song is included on the band's news album, Fingerprints, which arrives in stores today (Friday, June 16th).

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