Jake Owen lives his passion — that is, touring and entertaining fans from coast to coast. Of course, it's a lot of fun, but as Jake tells us, it's also a responsibility he takes seriously. [“One thing for me that’s consistent is my love for music. I just love doing this. I love the entertainment aspect of it. I love the fact that  I have the ability each night and just go out there and people show up and they’re just sitting there ready and they’re like, ‘Alright, entertain us, let's have fun tonight.’ And I like that responsibility. I like the responsibility of entertaining people and making sure that when they leave they go, ‘wow that was a lot of fun. I can’t wait to see that guy again.’ And hopefully we leave them with that impression.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . with that impression.)

Jake will be entertaining fans at two different festivals in Oregon this weekend.

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