Jimmie Allen releases his debut album today. He named it Mercury Lane, that's the street he grew up on in Milton, Delaware. He plans to make a stop there today and says he's excited for everyone to hear the 15 new songs he recorded. He's releasing them all at once. Here's what Jimmie told us: “I think we're gonna stop by there. I have to stop by there and take a picture on Mercury Lane the day the album comes out. um but, yeah, it's just so many songs that I've written and songs that I've heard and fell in love with and just connected with who I am as a person, in my life and my journey and where I'm going. I feel like you can't have enough, ya know. It's like, why can't I have 15 songs on this cd? I can put 20 songs on Spotify. Let's do it. People want songs…let's give them songs.”

Source: Pulse of Radio

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