Josh Turner recently celebrated his latest Number One hit, “Hometown Girl,” with a party in Nashville. Josh gathered with the song's writers Marc Beeson and Daniel Tashian to toast to the song, which Josh tells us was destined to be a hit. [“‘Hometown Girl,’ when I first heard it, that melody – first of all – stuck in my head. Before I even knew what the words were, I was humming that melody all the way home, and I’m thinking, ‘Man, this is a pretty good sign here.’ And then when I started kind of digging into the lyric, I loved what it said and I felt like it was something that my fan base could really connect with and relate to…that appealed to me. And then at the time too during the record making process, I was at that point, I was looking for some different kinds of songs that I probably wouldn’t cut in the past because I was trying to find some ways to change my sound up and different ways to present my voice. And I felt like ‘Hometown Girl’ was just the song to do that, and I love it when I’m right (laughs)."] SOUNDCUE (:52 OC: . . . when I'm right (laughs).)

Josh's brand new single is called “All About You.”

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