Kip Moore will release his third studio album, called Slowheart, on September 8th.  He co-wrote 11 of the 13 tracks, and was the sole producer on seven of the tracks, as well as co-producing five more on the collection. Kip also played guitar throughout the album, while also singing the majority of the harmonies.

Kip said, "This is the record I've been waiting to make — the one that leaves you with a peace in your heart, knowing you did it exactly the way you wanted to. The one that makes it okay if you fail, because it truly came from your soul and no other place. You can't go wrong if you can lay your head on your pillow with no regrets."

According to Rolling Stone, Kip "talks openly about depression and self-doubt, and, on Slowheart, about the life of a grown, modern man, one who wants a family sometimes but seeks a few no-strings thrills at others. He sings about fighting for a relationship at all costs, but also knowing when to pour the last round; and about how music is his real lover, while everything else is just an affair.”

Slowheart includes Kip's current Top 20 hit “More Girls Like You.”

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