Kip Moore says he and his co-writers David Lee Murphy and Dan Couch crafted his latest single, “Last Shot,” into an “old school country love song” in the writing room. He explains: “Dan actually came in with that idea and we just kind of danced around that song for probably three hours before we ever could tackle how to get it, where we wanted to go and you get a little bit of that old school Aerosmith vibe from the lyrics to the melodic sense even to the production of it. And, yeah, I mean the minute David Lee said . . . When I started singing that melody, I was just humming and different stuff, and he said, ‘If you were my last breath/I’d just want to hold you,’ and I thought that was just such a brilliant line. So then it was just about, ‘Alright, this is a love song, this is an old school country love song right here,’ so that’s what we went with.”

“Last Shot” is the the follow-up to Kip's Number One hit “More Girls Like You.” Both songs are included on his Slow Heart album, which was released last year.

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