Lady Antebellum's sixth studio album, Heart Break, arrives at retail today (Friday, June 9th). Members of the trio co-wrote 12 of the album's 13 songs during a so-called working vacation earlier this year where they rented a house in Los Angeles together and focused on the project.

The album came together after Lady A members Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley wrote the title track, "Heart Break," as Charles tells us: ["We didn't really know, honestly, what direction we were gonna go in. We just knew we needed to mix the process up a little bit and we felt like we needed to write from a personal stance and . . . (Hillary) We trusted we would know when we found it. (Charles) Exactly. And the minute we wrote 'Heart Break' that was kind of like, 'Okay, now we've got a song that we can base the rest of the record around,' and it is, it's got a lot of positivity to it and female empowerment on several songs. You know, I think we just tried not to over-think it and not put too much pressure on ourselves. Like Hillary said, I think we just felt like we knew if we could get in the room and write and try to not think too far ahead and like, 'Okay, is this a hit or is this not a hit,' and we didn't put a deadline. That was the biggest thing for us, and I think what came out of that was us and how much fun we were having making the record."] SOUNDCUE (:53 OC: . . . making the record.)

Lady A is also having fun with the excitement in their adopted hometown of Nashville these days between this week's annual CMA Music Festival and the ongoing Stanley Cup Finals between the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins. Game six is set for Sunday (June 11th) in Nashville, which is also the final night of CMA Fest. Charles tells us: ["It really is pretty wild. I mean, Sunday we'll unfortunately be flying up to New York to do some album promo the following day and so we're gonna skip a little bit of the mayhem that'll be happening here on Sunday, cause obviously they'll have the stadium show going on during CMA Fest. For me, I've gotta admit I wasn't the biggest hockey fan and they've converted me. I mean, I'm in. I've got hockey fever. You know, I'm really able to follow the game so much more now and it really is cool how the whole town is like . . . (Hillary) United (Charles) Just united in one really cool thing right now."] SOUNDCUE (:37 OC: . . . thing right now.)

Lady A will perform on the main stage at Nissan Stadium on Saturday (June 10th) during CMA Fest in Nashville.

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