Lindsay Ell's influence is having a permanent effect on fans. The guitar-slaying singer says that on more than one occasion a fan has approached her to sign their body so they can turn her signature into a tattoo.

Lindsay tells us: “In a meet and greet a couple weeks ago, I had this fan come up to me and he's like, 'Lindsay, I'm your number one fan and I'm gonna get your signature tattooed on my arm. Could you write it,' and I'm like, 'Wow, this is a lot of pressure. I better sign this perfectly,' and so sometimes fans have said that to me and I'm always like, 'Send me a picture, make sure you send me a picture,' and he sends me this picture and I'm like, 'Holy cow, man, like that's commitment. That is not coming off anytime soon,' and it's a responsibility, right? He better like me next five, six, seven records, however many I make in my career because he's commited to that now! It's crazy.”

Lindsay has a Top 23 hit and climbing with “Criminal.” It's featured on her Kristian Bush-produced current album, The Project.

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