A self-described massive John Mayer fan, Lindsay Ell has released her version of his 2006 Continuum album at all digital retailers and streaming services. Lindsay serves as the producer and sole musician on the entire project, which was given to her as a homework assigment by producer Kristian Bush (Sugarland) prior to recording her current studio album, The Project.

Lindsay tells us exclusively about Kristian's directives for the special project. “'I want you to go record the whole record. Your only rules are you have two weeks, you need to play all the instruments and you need to do it by yourself at your studio at the label,' so I cleared my schedule and 8 a.m. til 3 a.m. for the next 14 days I worked around the clock re-recording my favorite record of all time which I thought I knew, but when you need to really start deconstructing Pino Palladino bass parts and Steve Jordan drum parts and John Mayer guitar parts . . . I just learned it to a whole other level that I didn't even know possible, so fast forward those two weeks and I hand Kristian over The Continuum Project, as we called it, and I'm like, 'Kristian, I'm blown away with how much I've learned. Like I all of a sudden know what I want my record to sound like.'”

That record is The Project, which was released last year and includes her current hit single, “Criminal.”

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