Horrific events like the mass shooting in Las Vegas last fall and other world-wide incidents have forced Luke Bryan to beef up security in his camp. While he knows it's important to be safe at all times, Luke is bothered by the way his contact with fans has been limited. For example, Luke wanted to meet and greet fans lined up outside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville earlier this month for the CMT Awards, however security insisted he wave from a distance and head inside.

Luke tells us this is a big change from how he's used to conducting himself. “I mean, I used to run and high-five the whole damn street but that was prior to this new crazy world we're living in, too. Guys that are advising me on security stuff, they're like, 'We don't like you running . . . we don't know what's across there,' but it's true and it sucks that you have to think about you just can't go love and hug on fans like you used to. This time last year we didn't have a global security word that meant 'clear the damn stage.' I mean, now we have a word.” .

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