Luke Bryan made himself at home with a fan's cell phone during his recent tour stop in Georgia. Taste of Country reports that he performed a brand new song called "Like You Say You Do" but he forgot some of the words. He asked a fan in the front row to borrow her phone to do a Google search for the lyrics, but he got sidetracked by her text messages. One message popped up which he read to the crowd that read, "Do you want a drink?" Luke laughed and began texting a reply that he shared with the crowd which was “Chill your broke ass out." He told the crowd that he wanted to wait for a response back, and when it came it was all emojis. Luke said, “Oh, he cool, he cool, we good. Hold on let me get back to Safari. Can I go through your photos too? No, I’m just playin’!”

Luke continues on his Huntin’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day tour on July 13th in Bethel, NY with Brett Eldredge and Lauren Alaina.

He performs at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI on Thursday (June 29th).

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