Midland will be spending several days next month with Kenny Chesney, opening for him in Tuscaloosa, AL, Orange Beach, AL, two shows in Uncasville, CT and two shows at Gillette Stadium just outside of Boston. The three-man band hasn’t met Kenny yet, but as Jess Carson and Mark Wystrach tell us, they're anxiously awaiting a phone call from the superstar. “No, we haven’t met him yet. There was some talk of us going down to the island, Florida. Still waiting for that confirmation, down there and hang out with him. (Mark) Anxiously awaiting that phone call, any second now. That’s why – we, Jess said I haven’t left the phone. We have a phone that we have at our house and we just stay there all day waiting for this too because they tell us that he could call it any minute. (Jess) And one time I picked it up to see if there was a dial tone and Mark screamed at me because he thought he Kenny could be calling at that moment (laughter).”

Midland's first date with Kenny is on August 4th in Tuscaloosa. In the meantime, they continue climbing the charts with their Top 10 debut single, “Drinkin' Problem.”

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