Midland was among the weekend's pre-announced ACM winners, so the band already knew as they headed to Vegas that they had won. Member Mark Wystrach joked backstage – that the Academy would have to stop letting people know they won ahead of time, because he admits, they came in “pretty hot to Vegas.”

Midland is on their third single, “Burn Out,” and they recognize that some critics question their authenticity as a real country band, but Mark Wystrach says…winning an award like ACM New Vocal Duo or Group doesn’t really make them feel vindicated. He and bass player, Camron Duddy talked about that: Mark Wystrach – “We don’t care about that, honestly. We care about the award, that’s great. That’s always wonderful to be recognized by your peers, but that’s just some fool trying to get click bait because, you know, he’s gotta pay rent at his mom’s house. So yeah, authenticity is … you can’t walk off stage …” Cameron Duddy – “Okay, in full disclosure, I wrote that article.” Mark – “You can’t walk on stage and do what we do if you haven’t paid your debts and spent the time working on your craft. And the authenticity, I don’t know what that means.”

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