Morgan Evans' debut single, “Kiss Somebody,” is quickly approaching the Top 20 on the country charts. He surprised fans with a performance of the song at the CMC Rocks Festival in his native Australia, where it recently received platinum certification from the ARIA. Evans return to the Land Down Under capped off a whirlwind tour of dates across the globe including Los Angeles, London and Glasgow in March alone.

Morgan said, “I officially moved to Nashville 3 years ago. After travelling back and forth for years before that, 'Kiss Somebody' is the first song I was thrilled to get an opportunity to release from that time. It's hard to describe the feeling. Returning to my home country on the other side of the world and hearing a crowd like that singing it back to me like that really is the stuff my dreams are made of.”

Morgan co-wrote “Kiss Somebody,” an idea that he tells us came along as a form of advice to a heartbroken friend. “So 'Kiss Somebody' sort of came about as kind of like advice that I was giving, which is not something I often do but I became quite good friends with a guy here in Nashville before I moved, and I would come over on writing trips from Australia and I'd stay with him instead of staying at a hotel. We became pretty good mates and he had a girl and they were in love and then they broke up and he was heartbroken, and I get that. I was there for him through that whole process and I went back to Australia and a year and a half later I came back and I was staying with him again and he was still heartbroken over this same girl (laughs). I was like, 'Dude, you need to kiss somebody.'”

“Kiss Somebody” isn’t the only track Morgan has on the charts these days. “Hooked,” a song he co-wrote with Dylan Scott, is also nearing Top 20, while his Eric Paslay cut, “Young Forever,” has been one of the most added new singles at country radio two weeks in a row.

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