Morgan Wallen has two big hits on the country charts, one as an artist and the other as a songwriter. His own single, “Up Down,” featuring Florida Georgia Line, is a Top 15 hit, while “You Make It Easy,” the debut single from Jason Aldean's Rearview Town, sits at Number Three and climbing on the Billboard chart.

Morgan tells us about writing “You Make It Easy” with some of his famous friends: “It's a super big blessing. I wrote it actually with the guys from Florida Georgia Line and a guy named Jordan Schmidt and Tyler (Hubbard) was actually . . . We were kind of just all kind of getting our bearings together. We were writing out on the road and we were just talking a little bit and Tyler was talking about how that morning he said, he told Hayley, his wife, that our line of work, what we do is not necessarily the easiest for a relationship but he told her that she made it easy, so I was like, 'Alright, let's just write that then,' so it was just kind of a pretty natural process and it was fun to write. I ain't gonna lie — I kind of wanted to sing it myself but Jason Aldean got his hands on it first, so (I'm) very glad for that.”

Morgan will hit the road with Luke Bryan on his What Makes You Country tour beginning on May 31st in Toronto.

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