Rascal Flatts have 10 studio albums under their belt, not to mention numerous hits about love, loss, heartbreak and the like. With their 10th release, Back To Us, the trio tried to find and write songs that put a new twist on some age-old themes. Lead singer Gary LeVox tells us: ["You can only talk about the same things so many times and so many different ways. I think that's what we try so hard to do is to tell something about love or something about heartbreak or something about life in a different way, and I think that we were successful with finding those songs and with writing some of them and just doing things new and trying to find different ways to say things that have already been said before, say it in a different way, and I think we did it."] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . we did it.)

Rascal Flatts is nearing the top of the charts with their latest hit, "Yours If You Want It." It's the debut single from Back To Us, which was released in May.

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