Kenny Chesney is a big believer of the benefits of soaking in an ice bath after he works out, so much so, that he carries a special tub with him on tour, specifically designed for ice baths. When Thomas Rhett was on tour with Kenny, he used the ice tub every day after he worked out. Thanks to Kenny's generosity, it's something Thomas tells us has become a part of his daily routine. “I’ve used it every day on the road. That is like the sickest tour gift I’ve ever been given. Cause Kenny has one too, and on the road I would get in it every day after I’d work out, and at the end of the tour he got me my own with my logo on it, and same one he got, and we put it like in the trailer of the bus and carry it with us. And it’s really nice just to get in it cause you really do feel like super-refreshed after you get out of it. It sucks for the four minutes you’re in it, but when you get out, you feel great.”

Thomas just kicked off the fall leg of his Life Changes tour with Brett Young and Midland. He has dates scheduled through the end of October, with shows this weekend in New York and New Hampshire.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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