Tim McGraw and Faith Hill put countless hours of thought and planning into the shows on their Soul2Soul The World tour. They wanted the audience to not only see but feel the music, as Tim tells us: [“At the end of the show, people leave and feel like they got the emotional impact that we wanted to give them, then I think that we have accomplished our mission. I think that goes with the lighting program, that goes with the ebb and flow of the show, that goes with the segue ways in between the songs that the band is really great at doing. How you put the movie on and how does the movie play and I think that what . . . we serve the show and we serve the emotions and serve the movie and I think that’s what we are trying to do with this show. For us, it’s really gonna hit the chords that we want it to hit.”] SOUNDCUE (:30 OC: . . . it to hit.)

The Soul2Soul The World tour continues tonight (Thursday, June 15th) in Grand Rapids, MI with opening act High Valley.

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