On the road or off, Travis Denning is a big fan of Waffle House restaurants. The Georgia native could actually be a model spokesperson for the chain, since he knows all their best menu items and the best times to eat there. Travis tells us: “I’ve been ordering the same thing at Waffle House for the past 25 years pretty much, since I’ve been born. I get cheese and eggs, hash browns – scattered and smothered – raisin toast, bacon crispy, and a coffee and water. So, pull 1, bacon well-done, scrambled cheese plate, scattered smothered, raisin toast, boom. I could call the order if I had to. Waffle House is my favorite restaurant in the whole world, because you can eat it Christmas morning. It’s fantastic. You can eat it on a late-night road trip, and you can eat it when maybe you’re not in the most sober mind of thoughts, and it’s always delicious and it’s always good.”

Travis is making his way up the country charts with “David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs.”

He wrapped up the holiday weekend with a performance in Buena Vista, Colorado as part of Dierks Bentley‘s inaugural Seven Peaks Festival.

Source: Pulse of Radio

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