Just last month Tyler Rich released his self-titled EP and made his first national television appearance. Along with that came his hit single, “The Difference.” He's quick to credit his musical influences, but when it comes to George Strait, he says it wasn’t his music that first got his attention. Tyler explains: “My first concert I ever went to, my cousin took me to see George Strait when I was about nine years old. And that was right around when Pure Country, the movie, came out. And I feel like nowadays Pure Country is a chick flick, but when I was a nine-year-old little boy, I thought that was the coolest movie of all time. It’s kind of like George Strait was kind of like Hitch, you know Will Smith in Hitch, where he spends the entire movie teaching this guy how to make this girl fall in love with him, and that’s how I saw Pure Country. I was like watching George Strait—Rusty in the movie—make this girl fall in love with him and he was playing guitar and riding horses and stuff, and I was like that’s the only way it’s done.”

Source: Pulse of Radio

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