Brad Paisley played a surprise pop-up show in downtown Nashville last night (Wednesday, December 5th) at Tootsie's on lower Broadway. He announced the performance on social media several hours ahead of showtime, inviting the public as he was also shooting footage for a video, most likely for his latest single, "Bucked Off." Brad said, "We're off the road right now, but I'm itching to play, so we're going to go down to Tootsie's tonight and play a bunch of songs for free, first come, first serve . . . And we might be making a little music video, too. So come see us play."

Brad's also hoping fans will help him with their own personal clips for the video, although we can't really tell if he's joking. In other social media clips, Brad requested that fans film their impending breakups and send him the footage so he could use it in a video for "Bucked Off." He said, "Because your relationship may not last forever, but this video will."

"Bucked Off" is the first single from Brad's next album.

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