Brett Eldredge has achieved his dream of being a successful singer, but now he'd like to add "actor" to his resume. He told Sounds Like Nashville, “Acting is something that I’m very passionate about getting into. I mean, I grew up doing some acting stuff, but that was all lower level, but I feel like I’m an entertainer, so whenever a camera comes on, I light up. I turn into this extreme version of myself." Brett says that he thinks his time on the big or small screen is not far off adding, "I would say, hopefully, very soon, the next few years.”

Brett's choice of dream projects might surprise you. While you'd think he'd stand a real good shot at comedy or romance, Brett is thinking thrillers. "I like thrillers. What would I want to do? I’d probably say, I like thrillers … Yeah, thrillers are my favorite. Thrillers.”

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