In an interview with Taste of Country, newlywed Brett Young, said that he and his wife are looking forward to having kids. He said, “We aren’t putting pressure on ourselves, but we are definitely ready for it to happen.” As for his professional life, Brett’s beginning to make a name for himself in country music. He says that when he moved to Nashville, he had given up on being an artist and was ready to concentrate on his songwriting. Brett explains: I think the hardest thing for me was – and it happened multiple times – when it feels like maybe it’s time to like, ‘Alright, that was fun. I tried.’ And I have a ton of those moments and I think those were the hardest moments because you feel like you’re being selfish or irresponsible to keep pressing on, even though that was what you were supposed to do. And so, I think kind of reconciling that conflict has been the hardest thing for me. Thank God it worked out. I moved to Nashville to actually walk away from the artist side and focus on the writing side. I always say if you want to make God laugh tell him your plans.” :28 (OC: tell him your plans)

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