Brett Young is just hours away from releasing his sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., on Friday (December 7th). One thing he tells us fans will notice is that it is definitely a little more uplifting and peppy than his first ballad-heavy album, something he attributes to being in a happier place. [“The ballads are the easiest. That’s my wheelhouse. And with the first record, you know, it’s always about picking the best songs. So I think, rightfully so, when we’re picking from every song that I’ve ever written, 90% ballads probably picking for the first record, and luckily there were just ones that worked at country radio. With this second one, not only am I getting in the room with experienced, successful writers, and me being in this happy place in my life . . . yeah, there’s a lot more tempo, not intentionally.  It just happens naturally, but also even some of the, like, downtempo or sad songs have this, like, peppy feel to them and I don’t think that’s anything that you could, like, seek out intentionally. It’s just, it’s hard to hide that in a song when that’s where you’re at in your life. And so, you know, it still sounds like a Brett Young record, but I think there’s a very different feel to it.”] SOUNDCUE (:40 OC: . . . feel to it.)

During the making of Ticket To L.A., Brett was engaged and planning his wedding, as well as riding high on the success of his first album, which produced four chart-topping platinum or multi-platinum singles.

Ticket to L.A. features Brett’s current single, “Here Tonight,” which is climbing the charts.

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