Brett Young will release his sophomore album, Ticket to L.A., on December 7th, and after the success of his debut album, he definitely feels pressure for his next album to be successful, but he enjoys the pressure. Brett tells us: “I remember when ‘Sleep Without You’ went number one, the amount of people that asked me, ‘So now that you got one, does that take the pressure off?’ Opposite. Like the exact opposite, because then you’ve developed expectations for yourself and everybody else that works with you, for you, and your fans, right. At least the athlete in me thinks that way. But I’ve learned that, like with every little success or big success, every little bit of growth, I feel the responsibility to grow more or to take the next step. And so tons of pressure, but I like it. There’s an expression that’s used a lot in life – I paid my dues. I get what that means. I think in this business if you ever feel like you paid your dues, then you should probably retire, because there’s always room for growth in entertainment. I mean there’s always something else, something more, something different you can be doing. There’s always something that you’re doing that somebody is doing better. And I think for me, I’m always trying to identify those things. And so yeah I feel a lot of pressure but I like that.”

Brett’s latest single, “Here Tonight,” is the first release off his Ticket To L.A. album.

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