Carly Pearce will release her self-titled sophomore album on Valentine’s Day 2020. She announced the news on social media yesterday (Tuesday, Nov. 5th) writing, “So much has happened to me in the last few years. Y’all have changed my life and given my music a home in this world. I grew up, let go of things that needed to go, fell in love, fell on my face, went through some hell and found 'Carly' fully for the first time EVER . . .”

She also dedicated the project to her producer, busbee, who recently died of brain cancer. Carly wrote, “This record is dedicated to @busbee. The last full record he made & one that I am so very proud of. Thank you for bringing these songs to life. I can’t wait to honor you and hear/see how people connect to what we created.”

Carly's current single, “I Hope You're Happy Now,” featuring Lee Brice, will be featured on the album.

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