Chase Rice has released Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) as a way to celebrate his newfound success overseas. He's been playing more shows in the U.K., and his next visit across the pond is scheduled for later this week when he returns for the C2C: Country to Country Music Festival 2019.

Chase said, “Our European fans blew us away when they sold out our first overseas tour two years ago, and they haven’t let up since. We spent the end of 2018 in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Birmingham – and they sang every word to our album cuts, especially ‘On Tonight’ off Lambs & Lions. That reaction is what inspired us to create a special U.K. version of the song, and then we asked ourselves, ‘why stop there?’ I’m excited that we can get this new music in their hands right before we head back over for C2C . . ."

Lambs & Lions (Worldwide Deluxe) features the original album’s 10 tracks, including his current Top 15 hit “Eyes On You,” as well as re-imagined versions of “On Tonight” and “Eyes On You,” and two new songs — “Love Me Like You Don’t” and “25 Wexford St.,” which takes its name from an Irish pub’s address.

Chase tells us exclusively that the verson of "On Tonight" included on the Worldwide Deluxe album is a special gift to his UK fans. ["I played it in London cause somebody yelled for it. I wasn't even gonna play it in my set, just me and a guitar. I'd never played it with just me and a guitar, ever, so I started picking it in London one night, and it went so well. They screamed every word. It shocked me. I was like, 'Oh my God, these people love this song,' so I wanted to give them their own version, which is very similar, almost identical to the way I played it over in London, so I wanted to give everybody in the UK and Ireland their own version. This is for them. This is thank you for knowing the song, and this is just . . . I just needed to put out new music. I wanted to put out new music, and then we're focusing moving on from Lambs & Lions."] SOUNDCUE (:34 OC: . . . Lambs & Lions.)

Chase performs at the C2C Festival in London, Glasgow and Ireland with Keith Urban, Brett Eldredge and Cam beginning on Friday (March 8th).

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