Chris Young explores some new territory on his upcoming studio album, which is due out later this year. Of course, the album's first single, "Raised On Country," is one of those departures, and he tells us it was an obvious choice for lead single. ['You know, I think for as much stuff as I have for this next project that I'm excited about, a lot of it is different topically than what people have heard from me maybe usually or in the past. You know, I haven't really done a straight up party, country anthem song like 'Raised On Country' and there's some other stuff topically that is a departure on this album, stuff that I'm really, really excited about, but this one really just kind of stuck its head out as far as like, 'Hey, pick me for the first thing for people to hear off the new project.'"] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . the new project.)

No album title or release date has yet been announced.

Chris will head out on his headlining Raised On Country Tour this spring featuring special guest Chris Janson as well as Dylan Scott, LoCash and Jimmie Allen.

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